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Wine Forest Wild Mushrooms wine forest seasonings and salts

America's Finest Dried Wild Mushrooms

Since 1981 our superior dried mushrooms have been available only to professional chefs. Now you too can
savor these delectable time-honored culinary staples.

Wine Forest Wild Sides

These deliciously rich comfort foods made with organic and natural grains and loaded with mushrooms are simple steps away from your table.
wine forest favorite truffle oils and salt Wine Forest Wild Sides -- wild foods preserved in small batches

Wine Forest Seasonings & Rubs

Our artfully blended seasonings, made from
the finest wild and organic ingredients,
are intensely flavorful and versatile.

Truffled Foods, Oils and Salts

Oh, to capture the seductive and delectable aroma of truffles and now porcini. Each of these luxuries has been sourced over time, and has become a favorite.
The Wild Table Book by Connie Green and Sarah Scott Wine Forest Porcini Risotto and Forest Farro, Coming in Late March, 2013

Wild Preserves, Pickles and Shrubs

Wine Forest's wild foods are foraged and preserved in small batches by hand. Bring the taste of the wild
to your table with these unique treasures.

Wild Nuts and Oil

American wild nuts turn up the volume in both flavor and in nutrients. While ideal in sweet and savory recipes alike,
you may find yourself elevating snacking to a new level.
The Wild Table Book by Connie Green and Sarah Scott

The Wild Table

Hardcover editions of The Wild Table, signed by both authors and personalized by Connie Green, can be purchased in our online store.