Cooking with Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms

Wine Forest Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms

Our Wine Forest Dried Chanterelleshave a mild, earthy mushroom flavor with a hint of dried apricot, and will rehydrate with the intensity of flavor dried mushrooms provide plus a wonderful meaty texture that make them ideal for incorporation into vegan dishes, soups and stews.

Soaking Time: 30 minutes

Rehydrating Dried Mushrooms

Suggested Uses:

• Soak, chop and sauté or roast to flavor soups, puréed soups, sauces, and stews

• Chop, sauté and add to grain dishes like pilafs, quinoa, barley and farro or bread stuffings

• Chop and add the sautéd bits to vegetables like cubed winter squash or cooked beans

• Roast with mild meats like pork and chicken

• Clean with a soft brush, grind, and incorporate the powder into sauces and soups


• Staffan's Yellowfoot Soup

• Classic Meadow Mushroom Soup with Wild Mushroom and Herbed Ricotta Tartines

• Mushroom Pâté Spread