Cooking with Dried Grey Morel Mushrooms

Wine Forest Dried Grey Morel Mushrooms

Wine Forest Dried Grey Morels are amongst the most versatile dried mushrooms. They re-hydrate well, maintaining their shape and structure so they can be sliced, chopped or left whole and stuffed. Their flavor will be intense and just as deliciously earthy as they would be were they fresh.

Soaking Time: 20 - 30 minutes

Rehydrating Dried Mushrooms

Suggested Uses:

Once rehydrated:

• Chop or leave whole and sauté

• Clean well, being sure the cavity has been rinsed, and stuff, then cook

• Incorporate into sauces, soups and stews

• Roast and serve as a side dish


• Sean O'Toole's Braised Short Rib-Stuffed Morels

• Mushroom Pâté Spread

(Classic Meadow) Mushroom Soup with Wild Mushroom and Herbed Ricotta Tartines