Cooking with Wine Forest Candy Cap Sugar

Wine Forest Candy Cap Sugar

The mysterious maple flavor of the rare candy cap mushroom haunts the taste buds of all who have tasted it.  This sugar infused with candy caps also has a single mushroom hiding in the jar so you can see just what they look like.  A quick, easy little sprinkle of Wine Forest Candy Cap Sugar will make a thing as simple as oatmeal utterly fabulous.

Suggested Uses:

• Sprinkle atop French toast

• Substitute a part of the sugar in any recipe that would be enhanced by delicious maple-like flavor such as classic Tollhouse cookies, gingerbread, upside-down cakes, apple cake and pumpkin pie

• Use to sweeten baked fruit; a small amount will add a buttery complexity

• Sprinkle over hot cereal

• Use to sweeten whipped cream and make that dollop even more delectable


• Candy Cap Candied Nuts

• Candy Cap Hot Bourbon

• Candy Cap Side Car

• Butternut Squash and Candy Cap Mushroom Crème Brûlée