Wineforest Wild Food Store Dried Mushrooms

The Wine Forest Store ~ Our Dried Wild Mushrooms

Most mushrooms come in three sizes: in small and large re-closable containers, and some in one pound bags


Dried Morels

small: .9 oz.
large: 2. oz.

Dried Porcini #1

small: .8 oz.
large: 1.6 oz.
& 1 pound bags
black trumpets

Dried Black Trumpets

small: .8 oz.
large: 1.44 oz.
& 1 pound bags

Dried Lobster Mushrooms

small: 1.5 oz.
large: 2.4 oz.
& 1 pound bags

Dried Chanterelles

small: .96 oz.
large: 1.92 oz.
& 1 pound bags

Dried Yellowfoot Mushrooms

small:.32 oz.
& large: .64 oz.
grey morels

Dried Grey Morels

small: .96 oz.
large: 1.92 oz.
Wine Forest dried Mousseron (Fairy Rings) mushrooms

Dried Mousseron (Fairy Rings)

small: .8 oz.
& large: 1.6 oz.
Wine Forest dried Candy Caps

Dried Candy Caps

small: .67 oz.