Wild Elderberries go into our jelly

The Wine Forest Store ~ Our Wild Preserves, Pickles & Shrubs

Bring the taste of the wild to your table with these unique treasures foraged and preserved in small batches by hand..

Wine Forest Elderberry Shrub

Wild Elderberry Shrub

Our award-winning tangy fruit elixir is a centuries-old traditional favorite in sodas, cocktails and more.

8.5 fl oz.
Wine Forest Porcini Risotto and Forest Farro

Wild Huckleberry Shrub

Two new side dishes, Porcini Risotto and Forest Farro, are studded with mushrooms and loaded with rich flavor.
Coming in 2013.
Wine Forest Elderberry Jelly

Wild Elderberry Jelly

The complex cassis like flavor of wild elderberries makes other fruit jellies seem one-dimensional.

4 fl oz. - sold out
Wine Forest Huckleberry Jam

Huckleberry Jam

The purple, perfumed, plump lusciousness of wild huckleberries is unmatched by any other berry.

4 fl oz. - sold out
Wine Forest Pickled Sea Beans

Pickled Sea Beans

These delicious crunchy / briny
pickled sea beans are the stars of any charcuterie plate.

8 fl oz.
Wine Forest Pickled Cocktail Chanterelles

Pickled Cocktail Chanterelles

These perfectly precious chanterelle gems are elegant & delicious on a cheese plate or suspended in a superb martini.

8 fl oz.