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The Wine Forest Store ~ Our Seasonings and Rubs

Our expertly blended seasonings are made from the finest natural and organic ingredients.

Wine Forest Fennel Pollen Rub

Fennel Pollen Rub

A surprising enhancement for endless culinary adventures from fish & poultry to pizza. 

2 oz.
Wine Forest Juniper Berry Rub

Juniper Berry Rub

Classically used for wild game, choucroute or sauerkraut ~ This rub adds unique woodsy brightness to salmon, pork, or poultry.
2.25 oz.
Wine Forest Mushroom Alchemy

Mushroom Alchemy

The umami properties of the various mushrooms in this powder add gusto to any flavor it touches.
2 oz.
Wine Forest Porcini Powder

Porcini Powder

Add the luscious flavor of pure porcini to sauces & soups, or as a rub.
1.75 oz.
& 1 pound bags
Wine Forest Fennel Salt

Fennel Salt

This spice rub is a classic embellishment. A touch of this on fish, pork or vegetables elevates flavors into great ones.
4 oz.
Wine Forest Porcini Salt

Porcini Salt

Why use regular salt when you can get the immediate pleasure of salt with a blast of porcini richness? 

4 oz.
Wine Forest Pure Wild Harvested Fennel Pollen

Fennel Pollen

Hand Harvested California Pure Fennel Pollen will become a staple. Small amounts add tonal depth to foods.
.7 oz.
Wine Forest Wild Juniper Berries

Wild Juniper Berries

The delightful flavors we love in gin originate in this refreshing, ancient spice.
.77 oz.
Wine Forest Candycap Sugar

Candy Cap Sugar

The mysterious maple flavor of the rare candy cap mushroom haunts the taste buds of all who have tasted it. 
3.25 oz

Three Rubs Collection

Our Fennel Pollen Rub, Juniper Berry Rub, and Mushroom Alchemy will round out your wild pantry.

They'll rub you the right way.