Wild American Walnuts and Pecans

The Wine Forest Store ~ Wild Nuts

Bring the taste of the wild to your table with these unique treasures foraged and preserved in small batches by hand..

Wine Forest Porcini Polenta

Wild American Walnuts

Rich, elegant, and intense, our native American black walnuts embody the qualities that we take pride in; they're super nutritious.
16 oz.
Wine Forest True Wild Rice Mix

Native Wild Pecans

Our little native pecans are less than half the size of the pecans you know. The HUGE flavor's the most concentrated pecan flavor you'll ever taste.
16 oz.
Wine Forest Elderberry Shrub

Hammons Walnut Oil

This oil is extremely good poured as a finishing over pasta or used in combination with olive oil and black walnuts for a particularly rich pesto.
8.5 fl oz