Wine Forest Porcini Polenta

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Bring the taste of the wild to your table with these unique treasures foraged and preserved in small batches by hand..

Wine Forest Porcini Polenta

Porcini Polenta

Organic Polenta and flavor-rich porcini are combined in this luscious comfort food.

12 oz.
Wine Forest True Wild Rice Mix

True Wild Rice Mix

Hand-harvested WILD rice (not the hybrid wild rice commonly sold) is blended with porcini, shallots and herbs in this savory blend.
12 oz.
Wine Forest Elderberry Shrub

Porcini Risotto

This may just be the ultimate comfort food. The complexities of risotto are made simple in this deeply porcini-flavored classic.
12 oz.
Wine Forest Forest Farro

Forest Farro

This ancient grain’s nutty richness united with wild porcini & shiitake makes a remarkable risotto, a complex mushroomy side dish, or a rich hearty soup.
10 oz.