Wild Elderberries go into our jelly

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Wild Huckleberry Shrub

 Sambucus canadensis; S. caerulea; S. mexicana

The nearly forgotten colonial shrub elixir is back in a big way these days. Our wild huckleberry shrub is loaded with the brambly richness of American huckleberries.  Mark Twain would have loved it. 
This delicious shrub/syrup makes a stunning soda pop, a stellar winter salad dressing ingredient, and always a secret weapon for making magical cocktails.  I often just go simple and pour it over French vanilla or even chocolate ice cream like a great aged balsamic vinegar. 
On a hot day just pour one part huckleberry shrub over ice and add 6 parts sparkling water.  You get bonus points for adding
a shot of gin to this too.

Suggested Uses, Recipes & Tips

8.5 fl oz. $13.00

Wine Forest Wild Elderberry Shrub