Wine Forest Porcini Polenta

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Porcini Polenta

 Organic Yellow Corn Meal and Porcini Mushrooms

This luscious, savory porcini polenta marries well with everything from roasted meats to grilled vegetables.
Enjoy it topped with your favorite pasta sauce.

Microwave Instructions:

Did you know that polenta cooks very nicely in a microwave? To each 1 cup of polenta mix, stir in 4 cups of water and 1 1/2 t salt into a pyrex bowl and cover with a plate. Microwave on high for 9 minutes, or until just bubbling near the center. Remove, briskly stir in some parmesan cheese and / or butter and pepper to taste. For a thicker polenta, cook another two minutes.

Cooking Instructions, Suggested Uses, Recipes & Tips

12 oz. $12.00


Wine Forest Porcini Polenta