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Selezione Tartufi Truffle Sauce

  Origin: Italy

“Cheater, Cheater”  you may say, but I don’t care!  Yes,  I’m lucky to be one of the few people who always has truffles around and could certainly make my own truffle sauce.  But I love THIS sauce.  This delicious sauce is loaded with summer truffles and also has mushrooms and olives.  It has a lively complex flavor that can be spread in all its glory on a piece of great bread, or spread on grilled fish or various meats.    You can turn the simplest of meals into a  truly glamorous experience with this wonderful little jar of magic. You’ll love this stuff - it’s pretty darn perfect.

small 3.2 oz. $14.75
large 17.6 oz. $52.00

Selezione Tartufi  Truffle Sauce