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Wine Forest Pickled Cocktail Chanterelles

Wine Forest Pickled Cocktail Chanterelles

$ 24.00

Canthrellus cibarius    8 fl oz. jar

We went to great trouble to sort out the tiniest, most perfect button chanterelles for this luxurious bottle.  They will be the grandes dames of any charcuterie plate they grace.  My favorite use for these beauties is a single perfect chanterelle pickle plunked into a perfect martini. 

Suggested Uses:

  • Serve with hors d'oeuvres or snacks, alone or accompanying your favorites
  • Plunk into refreshments and cocktails, like the classic Martini or as a the perfect end to a virgin Bloody Mary
  • Thinly slice and layer into a grilled cheese or sausage sandwich
  • Serve with charcouterie
  • Chop and add to salads for that zing that all pickled vegetables bring to dishes


Chanterelle Martini

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