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Wine Forest Wild Elderberry Jelly

Wine Forest Wild Elderberry Jelly

$ 11.00

Sambucus canadensis; S. caerulea; S. mexicana    4 fl oz. jar

I can’t think of anyone who’s tasted this that doesn’t think that this is the best jelly there is.  The complex cassis-like flavor of wild elderberries makes other fruit jellies seem one dimensional.  A simple piece of toast with a little spread of this provides a lingering flavor joy. Beyond toast, it can do many things, from painting pound cake to glazing duck.  We carefully harvest these wild elderberries for you and still leave plenty on the trees for the birds too.

Suggested Uses:

  • Spread atop French toast
  • Accompany a cheese platter
  • Makes a lovely clear glaze for a fruit tart
  • Flavor a bit of yogurt
  • Make your Jelly Roll go wild


Elderberry Barbeque Sauce

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