The Wild Table, winner of two 2011 book awards and Foraged and Found at BlackberryFarm, July 20-23, 2014 The Wild Table by Connie Green and Sarah Scott

The Wild Table

by Connie Green and Sarah Scott - Forward by Thomas Keller

"I'm crazy for The Wild Table because it goes right to the source of all good edibles-the plants that grow happily all by themselves outside the garden walls where they figure out how to live with no help from us humans at all. I have long loved eating wild foods, but this book goes far beyond a causal love affair. It's a work born out of deep commitment, passion, and enthusiasm for the edible wild plant world, a world we'd all do well to know much more about.
Kudos to both authors!"
-Deborah Madison,
Local Flavors: Cooking and Eating from America's Farmers markets

"A useful, essential, full-of-joy book with delectable recipes, The Wild Table brings me back to my youth, my family, and our Sunday meal of nettle (ortie) soup and field mushrooms (rosé) that my mother served with her chicken with cream sauce."
-Jacques Pépin,
author of Fast Food My Way

"Connie has really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of foraged foods and wild mushrooms. Her knowledge and passion have shaped me over the years to be a better chef, an inspiration she has stirred in countless other chefs around the country. The Wild Table truly delivers her amazing devotion to all things wild."
-Donald Link,
author of Real Cajun: Rustic Home Cooking from Donald Link's Louisiana
(winner of James Beard Award for American Cooking)

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