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In a beautiful forest long ago, 36 years in fact, my love of foraging took me beyond my own kitchen to those of restaurants, and over the seasons our close family of pioneering mushroom hunter gatherers has practiced sustainable harvesting as the only way of our wild calling. We still forage on in the hills of Napa at Wine Forest, where we're proud to be regarded as a premier source of wild foods in America.

Chefs like Thomas Keller, Cory Lee, Michael Mina, Traci de Jardins, Michael Chiarello, Nancy Oaks and many others have depended on our beautiful wild mushrooms and foods for decades, and the deliciousness and quality these chefs relish for their guests are available right here in our online store. Share in recipes, cooking tips, foraging adventures and our love and celebration of the wild bounty.

- Connie Green
Video from New York Times Edible Selby "Hunting Wild Mushrooms with Connie Green"Edible Selby
Hunting Mushrooms with Connie Green
New York Times Edible Selby Video The Big Morel Cookout with Connie GreenEdible Selby
The Big Morel Cookout with Connie Green

Introducing Kory Stewart - Our General Manager

Wine Forest Wild Foods General Manager Kory Stewart

Kory Stewart’s and my paths began merrily crisscrossing about ten years ago. I’d run into Kory while delivering wild mushrooms. Mushrooms were like magnets for him. He proved to be a deeply curious, kind and talented chef. Kory’s zeal for mushroom hunting was unstoppable. After a few hunts and many phone calls, he began finding unknown rich porcini territory and carpets of ….         read the full story

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