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Image of San Francisco Chronicle banner and photo of Staffan Terje in his kitchen at Perbacco Restaurant courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle Liz Hafalia

San Francisco Chronicle
February 10, 2022, One of S.F.'s most revered chefs just left restaurants for a life in the woods

“Staffan Terje, One of San Francisco’s most esteemed chefs, has disappeared into the woods in pursuit of a quieter life dedicated to mushroom foraging.”
—Janelle Bitker

link to The San Francisco Chronicle

Connie Green holding baskets of wild mushrooms in The Press Democrat, December 1 2015 feature, Oregon Chanterelles Flood Sonoma County Markets by Diane Peterson - photo courtesy The Press Democrat

The Press Democrat
December 1, 2015 , Oregon Chanterelles Flood Sonoma County Markets

“There is no mushroom more versatile,” writes Napa Valley forager Connie Green in her 2010 cookbook, “The Wild Table.” “Its texture when cooked is as tender as gently cooked oysters. Its flavor has a toasty, gently nutty quality that flatters nearly everything with which it’s paired.”
—Diane Peterson

link to The Press Democrat

Art Culinair Issue 115 Now Forager by Carol Newman featuring Connie Green of Wine Forest Wild Foods

Art Culinaire Magazine
 Issue 115 Now, Forager

"Connie Green calls herself a Head Huntress. But she's really a Jedi Master of the forest, fomenting discovery in great kitchens of the Bay Area since the dawn of California Cuisine in the late seventies and early eighties when she first plied her baskets of divine mushrooms."
—Carol M. Newman

link to Art Culinaire Magazine website

Bon Appetit Super Holiday Special Gift Guide naming Wine Forest Wild Foods a great gift

bon appétit Super Holiday Special 
December 2014 - Holiday Gift Guide

"It might be hard to justify shelling out on an expensive finishing oil for yourself, but splurging for a friend? That's what the holidays are all about"
—Alison Roman, senior associate food editor

pdf of the full page: Make Over Their Pantry All Fancy-Like.

Edible Marin and Wine Country Fifth Anniversary Issue featuring Connie Green

Edible Marin & Wine Country 
Issue 22, Summer 2014 - Fifth Anniversary Issue

"It’s a grand thing to have both parents trust you in nature and to learn to look everywhere. As children, when we swam without our parents, they taught us to watch the alligators sunning on the shore when we got in. If the number decreased, we should calmly exit. "
—Connie Green, head huntress of Wine Forest Wild Foods

link to the full article: The Local Food Forager - Connie Green

Kiplingers on Wild Foods noting Connie Green and Wine Forest Wild Foods

May 2012

"Picking wild foods for restaurants and markets has become big business. But, as this veteran mushroom hunter tells us, it's not as easy as it looks. - As told to Robert Frick"

pdf of full My Story feature

Bon Appetit "The Italy Issue" featuring Wine Forest Wild Foods Dried Wild Porcini Mushrooms

bon appétit 
May 2011

"Wine Forest dried wild porcini are foraged during the mushroom's brief season so you can make risotto whenever you want.
Why stock up on imported pancetta and Pecorino - even pasta- when some of the best artisanal Italian pantry staples are made in the U.S.A.?"

pdf of full Buy American Eat Italian photospread

Oregonian MIX with Connie Green, founder of Wine Forest Wild Foods in their Field Guide to Foraging feature

March 2011

"After so many years of living around and working with culinary greats, not to mention cooking with what she finds, Green has amassed encyclopedic knowledge of how to best prepare some of the most sought-after wild ingredients, from sea beans to dandelion greens."

pdf of full Field Guide To Foraging feature

Kateigaho Magazine with an article on foods of the Napa Valley with a detail on Connie Green and Wine Forest Wild Foods

November 2010

This article is written in Japanese with a photo of Connie Green

pdf of detail of Connie Green and other Napa Valley food purveyors

The Napa Valley Register featuring Connie Green and wild foods of The Napa Valley

Napa Valley Register 
October 5, 2010

"Finding wild foods is "much closer to home than many of us imagine," Green says. "You can pull over and find so many things. I think you just have to open your eyes. If you're looking but you don't see, you're missing a lot that's around you ... it becomes the fine art of recognition, particularly if you're hungry and it's delicious."

pdf of full article

Martha Stewart Living Magazine feature on Connie Green of Wine Forest Wild Foods and Wild Mushrooms

Martha Stewart Living 
November, 2000

"When Connie Green is asked what she likes about foraging for mushrooms, she quickly turns lyrical. "It's like asking a musician what he loves about music–it's so basic to the heart that it's hard to explain." Green is always careful to arrange permission before foraging on public or private lands."

pdf of full feature article

Wild Videos

Connie Green in interactive Atlas Marketplace My American Pantry Video

MAP: My American Pantry
An interactive Atlas and Marketplace of American Artisan Food and Drink
February 19, 2013

link to Vimeo My American Pantry video

Connie Green and fellow foraging friends in a New York Times The Edible Selby video "The Big Morel Cookout"

Edible Selby | The Big Morel Cookout With Connie Green 
August 23, 2012

link to T Magazine Edible Selby | The Big Morel Cookout With Connie Green

Connie Green in a New York Times Edible Selby video Mushroom Hunting with Connie Green

Edible Selby | Mushroom Hunting With Connie Green 
August 13, 2012

link to T Magazine Edible Selby| Picking Mushrooms With Connie Green

Wild Events

Connie Green at Lit Quake in San Francisco to discuss with fellow foragers the question What is Genius Loci?

LitQuake - What is Genius Loci? 
July 20-23, 2014

And how does it affect foragers, gatherers, and gleaners? Six savvy, sexy veterans of field, forest, and sea come together for a delicious conversation about feral foods in the era of crazy weather, rainless days and nights, and the unimpeded civilized craving for wild nettles, mushrooms, sea weeds, and much more. Followed by audience Q&A.

Connie Green and fellow foragers at Blackberry Farm's Foraged and Found Event

Foraged and Found at Blackberry Farm 
July 20-23, 2014

The Foraging Experience at Blackberry Farms was an extraordinary adventure. Located in the heart of the Great Smokey Mountains, Blackberry Farm opened its amazingly bountiful woods and meadows, kitchens and dining rooms to the exploration and joyful celebration of wild, foraged foods, beautifully prepared then paired with magnificent wines. Many thanks to Chef Joseph Lenn, Robert Mondavi Junior, foragers and guides Jeff Ross & Shannon Walker, and the guests and staff at Blackberry Farm.

link to Blackberry Farm website