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Clear Plastic Resealable bag of Wine Forest Wild Foods Wild American shelled Black Walnuts

Wine Forest Wild American Black Walnuts

$ 15.00
Origin: U.S.A.   1 pound bag

As far as I’m concerned, black walnuts are by far richest flavored of all nuts. If they weren’t such a colossal horror to shell, the food world would have wild black walnuts starring in dishes and desserts from stem to stern. But they ARE extremely difficult to shell and this fact has relegated them to obscurity in current times. Many of our more patient Grandparents however, revere them for the extraordinary culinary treasure they are. Their iron hard husks and complex interior structure make nut halves an impossibility. Being able to buy a pound of shelled black walnuts is a luxury you should not hesitate to grab.

I venture to say that anything made with walnuts will taste superior made with wild black walnuts. From something simple as black walnut ice cream, to pasta made with gorgonzola cream sauce and toasted black walnuts – you can’t go wrong. One of my favorite desserts is the Bourbon Black Walnut Sundae in The Wild Table. I TRY to have a little pile of them on a nice cheese plate sitting next to the blue cheese, but I always eat them first!

Make sure you either freeze or refrigerate these flavorful, nutritious nuts to preserve their deliciousness. The rich oils can turn quickly in warm weather.


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