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Wine Forest Wild Foods clear plastic bag of American Native Wild Pecans

Wine Forest American Native Wild Pecans

$ 16.00

Origin: U.S.A.   1 pound bag

Is there a soul that doesn’t love pecans?
Yet few know that it is one of America’s indigenous native foods. Part of the hickory clan, wild pecan trees are one of the most beautiful trees in our southern hardwood forests. Even the most knowledgeable foodies are usually ignorant of the extraordinary taste of these hard-shelled tiny wild pecans. Most of the world knows pecans as the big 1-1 1/2 inch golden nuts gracing the top of the beloved Southern Pecan Pie. Our little native pecans are less than half the size of the pecans you know. The flavor however is HUGE, the most concentrated pecan flavor you will ever taste. It is a joy to see chefs taste these and watch their eyes grow wide. Not only is the flavor stunning, but the tiny size of the halves creates an exceptionally pretty appearance wherever you use them.

The profound flavor of these nuts has often taken them into the savory side of the kitchens I’ve introduced them to. Although I’ve brought these pecans to chefs for their pastry people, the pecans have often never left the hands of the restaurant chef. One used these pecans in combination with boletes to make the finest porcini dish I’ve ever tasted.


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