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Jar of Wine Forest Wild Foods Mushroom Alchemy, expertly hand blended and sourced with care

Wine Forest Mushroom Alchemy

$ 15.00

2 oz. jar       Contains sea salt and garlic

All who try this blend become quickly addicted.  Use this exquisite and complex mushroom pixie dust on everything from eggs to steaks and chops.  The umami properties of the various mushrooms and seasonings within this savory blend add gusto to any flavor this powder enriches and transforms. A tiny amount makes culinary magic.

Suggested Uses:

  • Toss little potatoes with olive oil and mushroom alchemy then roast for a home run
  • Sprinkle into eggs while beating them, then scramble or make an omelet that will be anything but every-day
  • Season your steaks and chops of all sorts before roasting or grilling
  • Blend into melted butter to brush onto corn on the cob
  • Whisk into gravies, soups and stews for mushroom richness


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