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Dropper bottles of Wine Forest Wild Foods Wild Candy Cap Mushroom Tincture Extract, large and small

Wine Forest Candy Cap Tincture / Extract

$ 15.00

Lactarius rubidus, origin: Northern California, and non-GMO alcohol, 2 oz. and 4 oz. bottles.

The rare and sought-after wild Candy Cap mushroom is legendary for its haunting maple flavor.

Bring the distinctive, subtle umami-rich tones of maple to your cocktails and baked goods with this tincture / extract made with the extraordinary Wild Candy Cap Mushroom.

Wine Forest Dried Wild Candy Cap Mushrooms

Suggested Uses:

  • Add to cocktails to enhance the naturally complex warm flavors in the best bourbon  and rye whiskeys.
  • Savor candy cap maple flavor without too much sweetness.
  • Whip into fresh cream for natural maple deliciousness.
  • Compliment toasty, nutty flavors of butter in your baked goods with a touch of maple.


Candy Cap Old Fashioned

Candy Cap Milk Punch

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